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ECE140a - Art of Product Engineering

Students develop IOT and full-stack software skills, along with business and entrepreneurial fundamentals,  to build a real-world product for an identified market.

ECE140b - Art of Product Engineering

In this course, you're going to work with a team of students to build a working IOT Product for a customer/market you identify yourself.

ECE141a: Software Foundations

This course is about the structures, algorithms, design principles, relationships, and patterns that comprise the stories we tell about our software. Software design is meant to be abstract, distinct and separate from architectures that bind our designs to specific implementation details.

ECE141b: Software Foundations

In this course we're going to apply the patterns, abstractions, concepts and techniques we learned in ECE141a, to build a working relational database application. You'll work with a partner to design, develop, test, and build a working solution. 

ECE17: Object Programming in C++

In this intro course, students learn C++, along with the STL, and software engineering best practices.

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